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Pinwheel Lures is proud to be a Canadian company that creates handmade lures.

Pinwheel Handmade Lures


Pinwheel lures and jigs have been developed for trolling for all species of salmon, trout, walleye and pike.  Salmon, trout and walleye follow bait fish looking for an easy meal.

When trolling with pinwheel lures and big-eyed jigs, they will simulate an injured bait fish in distress.

These Fishing lures are proudly handmade and painted in Canada.  They are constructed from a cast of an actual bait fish.  The lures are the actual size and shape of various types of bait fish that are found in oceans, lakes and rivers.  They are coated and cured with a special UV gel that provides a natural reflection that can be seen at great depths and fish will come for a look.

The lures pinwheel and spiral when trolled.  Using a snap swivel will prevent line twist.  The best results when trolling these lures and taking them to a desired depth.  This is achieved in a number of methods (Downriggers, inline weights, dipsy divers, etc.).  You can also use planer boards with lead lines and small dipsy divers (cookies) at shallower depths.

We are Trademarked in Canada (File number 1821426) and the United States (Serial Number 87329674)..

Why I started Pinwheel Lures

I have been fishing all my life, Fishing is fun, but also a passion of mine.  I have always made different types of fishing lures and have experienced great success catching lots of nice fish.  I have put a lot of work into making these lures and jigs, and I would like to share my knowledge and techniques with you.

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